Can I Commit?

Can I commit to building an htmlwidget a week in the year 2015?

It seems we humans all struggle internally with commitment, and at the beginning of each year, we often become even more aware of this struggle in the form of New Year's Resolutions.  This site is not really a New Year's Resolution.  It is more a resolution that coincidentally falls at the beginning of the year, since htmlwidgets was released December 17.

I know through plenty of experiences with commitment failure that the pattern of commitment failure will assert itself throughout the life of this project.  At some point, I will doubt the benefit of what I am doing even though the power of htmlwidgets is obvious, get distracted by other "cooler" and "newer" things, make excuses to abandon, and suffer all sorts of malaise and angst.

This site is a proactive attempt to counteract these internal forces of commitment failure.  By publicly declaring and documenting my commitment, I hope my promise to "someone else" is more binding than a promise to myself.  Also, I hope that at some point someone out there will step in and interrupt the commitment failure pattern cycle before I miss a week.

Well, I have resolved to commit, now what?  Generally, my first tendency is to overthink and overresearch.  I'll fight this by moving quickly using Squarespace to host the site and spending less than an hour setting it up.  Instead of spending days looking at static blog platforms, exploring worklflows, "reading", fumbling with templates, etc., I'll start on my first widget.

Let's see how this turns out, and for now, if you don't know about htmlwidgets.