Week 20 | VivaGraphJS in DiagrammeR

Real quickly before I get to the post, I would like to highlight the new htmlwidget visNetwork and the related DependenciesGraph.  They are an absolute must see.  For other newest and updated htmlwidgets, just do this Github search.

The first ever htmlwidget of the week DiagrammeR has advanced considerably due to the incessant efforts by author Rich Iannone.  Using Github stars as a measure, DiagrammeR has also achieved high popularity (on a R scale).   I first thought the very nice JavaScript library VivaGraphJS by Andrei Kashcha would be a perfect fit for DiagrammeR, but this widget of the week turned into far more thought and internal discussion than I initially imagined.  I tried to document the functionality and the discussion in the vignette.  More than ever, please provide feedback, thoughts, ideas, and use cases.