End of Year Summary

I should warn in advance that this post will be non-interactive and far more introspective than any since my first post Can I Commit? publicly announcing my commitment to make an htmlwidget each week. I can proudly say that I fulfilled my commitment despite pneumonia, 11 days in the hospital, a broken toe, and a sprained ankle in addition to the predicted and feared

"At some point, I will doubt the benefit of what I am doing even though the power of htmlwidgets is obvious, get distracted by other "cooler" and "newer" things, make excuses to abandon, and suffer all sorts of malaise and angst."

I want to thank everyone who read, supported, contributed, emailed, tweeted, and/or used. Each of these helped sustain me and motivated me to continue. I am so delighted that some new relationships have resulted from this effort.

However, I really cannot point to any objective measures that would call the year a huge success. Traffic for the year looks like this.

The numbers for Github are even more depressing with fork and star counts generally less than 5. Fortunately, my ego, my livelihood, and my belief in htmlwidgets do not depend on these numbers. More than ever before I realize that open source is really tough.

Even though the year has ended, I can't stop building widgets--see contributions to @hrbrmstr's xmlview, explodingboxplotR, and codemirrorR. I expect to build more. I also look forward to polishing and finishing widgets from last year that I feel have the most promise. Without external prompts, I will just guess or pick my personal favorites. I'll keep this blog running on Squarespace and update intermittently on my own efforts or community efforts regarding htmlwidgets.

I have not made a commitment for this year, but I do expect to commit to something. Let me know if you have any ideas.