Time Isn't Money...

Time is not money because time is not recoverable. However, time can be converted to money.

I have struggled lately with the story I tell myself that I shouldn't get paid for the work I do here. This struggle is most pronounced when I realize what I sacrificed last year and time not spent with my 8 year old son and 6 year old daughter.

I plan to set up a side consulting business in case someone agrees with my notion. I started my first blog http://timelyportfolio.blogspot.com with the idea that no one would read it. Similarly I am setting up this business with the idea that no one will engage me.

I will still share and open-source all the byproducts of my curiousity, byproducts of my real job, and my experiments, but there will be no guarantee of support resolution and no implied commitment of ongoing maintenance.

I would love thoughts and ideas.