JavaScript in R Series of Posts

One of the very fine folks at Displayr asked if I might be interested in writing a series of posts extending my 2015 htmlwidget/week project.  I said yes as long as I have "creative" license (never thought I would be requesting that in my lifetime), so away we go.  I plan to narrowly focus on combining JavaScript with R for visualization and data science.  The posts will appear on this site along with crossposts at my new site JSinR and on Medium to satisfy your viewing preference.

For those interested in workflow, the site is built Using RStudio/Yihui Xie’s blogdown package. The package perfectly illustrates the power of combination blending R, Rmarkdown, markdown, and Go. Netlify deploys the static site with every push to Github. Although this might sound difficult to the R user, I promise blogdown and Netlify makes all of this straightforward. Please let me know if I can help.

Thanks so much to Displayr for sponsoring the first set of posts.