sunburstR going d3v4

The kind, generous, and very skilled CJ Yetman pinged me the other day asking if he could help with any of "my" htmlwidgets.  After seeing CJ's work on networkD3, I could not refuse this incredible offer, and I asked if he would be willing to help convert sunburstR to d3v4.  sunburstR has been by far the most popular htmlwidget from my htmlwidget/week project.

d3v4 for htmlwidgets

The transition to d3v4 will be very painful for the htmlwidgets community, and the pain is amplified by the loosely knit band of htmlwidget developers who find it nearly impossible to get help, feedback, or use cases for their open source efforts.  This sankeyD3 issue provides more of the gory details of the transition.

Join In The Fun

I have expressed many times my frustration with solo open source.  Please, please join in the fun on this project, and I promise I will be overly nice and helpful.  I will track the d3v4 conversion of sunburstR with a Github project.  If you have any interest in learning more about htmlwidgets, modern JavaScript tooling and testing, and/or d3v4, follow along.  Just to reiterate, if you are reading, I would love to have you participate in this project.